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I haven’t watched the anime. But listening to the radio (Rajikamon) now. kahsdkjasjdh. Naru/Suzuko-chan came as a guest on the 3rd Rajikamon. (You can listen to it HERE)





OnoD talking with little Naru/Suzuko-chan. alkjshdkjahsd. The fact that Suzuko-chan came to the radio with Naru’s hairstyle, and also she has misanga on her hand like Naru; eeeeeks /SQOOSH/

/kicks self, shut up chii/

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again, Sakurai san and his gorgeous white hairs

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From Gintama Haru Matsuri (2010)

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OmotenaShimo! Vol. 1 - Guest: Hirakawa Daisuke」

In which we get to see Hirarin being cheeky and teasing Hirotan before Hirotan snapped and used informal speech unintentionally. He then tried to deny that he didn’t say anything like that. XD;;

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From Omaera no tamedaro! Hamarimasu! Hamarimasu! Hamo!!

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Otomate Party 2013 Night Session

Toriumi Kousuke’s team :D 
Topic: Confession

Note: They have to give the hint in english to Toriumi-san and nothing else. 

Left to Right 
Doki Doki, Beef or Pork?, White, Love, and Love.

Namikawa-san then changes his to black and white.

But we all know it’s Morikawa-san’s hint that kinda leads off track from the topic itself xD 

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Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Ono Daisuke during Kurobas Cup 2013