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Oh, I wrote many books, 
many books that linked me to fantastic places. 
It’s an Art I learned from my father many years ago.

—Atrus, Myst 


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Per request, here is how Shepard learns about Liara’s new job in ME3 if you didn’t complete the Shadow Broker DLC.

There is such a gold mine of fic possibilities in this exchange.  What secrets is EDI telling everyone?  She telling people about crushes?  Maybe onboard hook-ups?  Who reads fanfic on the extranet in their free time?  So many options!

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am i a horrible person
posts: (x) (x)


am i a horrible person

posts: (x) (x)

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Season Three Predictions

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all i wanted was to eat the chicken


all i wanted was to eat the chicken

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  • (SANDRA BULLOCK is floating alone in space. Suddenly, there is a voice)
  • Space Core:Hey. Hey. Hey lady. Hey. What's your favourite thing about space mine is space.

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harurin shoujo au (*´・v・)
 ”This is the first time in my voice acting career where I voiced the bishoujo heroine.” — Miyano Mamoru on Matsuoka Rin

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bryan fuller creates a show. there is a white man who makes food, but this man has a secret: he kills people. he also helps solve murder cases at the request of a poc detective with a surly exterior. sometimes there are dogs.

am i talking about hannibal or pushing daisies?


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