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Akabayashi's full name, revealed! - [ 赤林海月]  -  (Source)


#still don’t know if this is 100% legit but#for now i’ll remain optimistic yet skeptical#Akabayashi#of course there’s no furigana smh#but the kanji mean ‘sea’ and ‘moon’#how cute

So it’s like Umitsuki? I wonder how you’d read that 8D

You can read it “kurage”, but then it means jellyfish lmao.

As a name, it can be read as: 

Utsuki(f); Umizuki(s); Kaigetsu(f); Kaizuki(s); Kaitsuki(s); Karuna(f); Kurage(f); Mizuki(f); Mitsuki(f); Mizuki(m)

according to my dictionary. xDDDD

Soooo! Akabayashi is ,… erm Red Forest Sea and Moon?

Oh my… (I hope i got that kanji right? aha) 

The reading for this name is “Mizuki” (みづき). It’s the only common reading for this kanji combination for a male first name. It’s not a strange combination, like Izaya’s name; it’s a fairly common name and makes the most sense. So Mizuki would be correct until Narita says otherwise. And the English translation would be “Red Forest” (or ‘a forest in the fall’) and “Moon in the Ocean” (or ‘the reflection of the moon on the water’ kind of thing)

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Just don’t piss me off during work. Like really.

Just don’t piss me off during work. Like really.